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Melanoma Awareness

Recently, Lotus Dermatology surveyed a number of patients about the incidences of melanoma in Australia and the Hunter Region. Only 14% of participants could accurately identify that 2 out of 3 Australians will be diagnosed with a melanoma before age 70. That means 86% of participants underestimated the prevalence of the disease. Melanoma is a cancer of…

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Occupational Skin Conditions

Skin is the largest organ our bodies have and we spend a great percentage of our lives at work so it is no surprise that occupational skin diseases are the most common occupational disease reported. For a skin disease to be work related there must be a causal relationship between work and the skin disease!…

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Check Up On Your Skin – Are You Watching Your Spots???

Skin Check Ups: Do you keep a close eye on your spots and blemishes? It is important to keep track of your skin and get your check ups regularly in order to manage any skin cancer risks. By tracking your skin and moles, you can monitor any changes in your skin and detect melanoma earlier, when it is…

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