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Sunspots – New Daylight PDT Treatment!

Daylight Phoydynamic Therapy - PDT

What is a Sunspot? Sunspots (also known as actinic keratoses) are dry patches that occur on sun exposed areas of your skin, these patches come and go and and can be a little bit tender. The commonest sites are the face, hands and arms although they can occur anywhere. They have the potential to turn…

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Have you been missing out on Mineral Make-up?

Mineral Make-up

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Mineral make-up has been around for thousands of years. From indigenous body art to Cleopatra applying black kohl eye liner and red pigment to her lips. Over time mineral make-up has become a huge business world wide and there are many reasons why this is so. What is Mineral Make-Up? Mineral make-up is created from finely ground,…

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Sonos and Great Music!

Sonos music system

As you may be aware, Lotus Dermatology has been settling in to a new clinic located on Scott St in the Newcastle CBD. With a large amount of new space, it has taken some getting used to with new operating systems and this product is one worth sharing with you as it has made life much more groovy. If APRA is beating down on…

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Total Body Photography

Total Body Photography at Lotus Dermatology

Total Body Photography is a new service available that helps you in proactively managing your melanoma risk by creating a comprehensive photographic record of your skin that assists you and your GP with monitoring and tracking your moles. Who would benefit from Total Body Photography? Someone who: has a personal or family history of melanoma has…

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Skin Needling

Skin Needling or Micro Needling

Skin needling is also known as micro-needling or collagen induction therapy.  This technique is considered one of the safest skin procedures and is an excellent form of skin rejuvenation. How does it work? The procedure creates fine holes which stimulate the body to create new collagen and elastin in the micro-needled areas of the dermis…

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Wound Care

Applying a dressing

Wound care today is very different from the time of our grandparents. Using the old bates salve, metho and mercurochrome are a sign of the old days! Today we use technology to measure the successes of modern wound care techniques. We now keep wounds moist while they heal and generally we keep them covered. We…

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Has Winter Turned Your Skin To Scales?

Scaly Skin

Often during the colder months a lot of skin conditions get worse. There are many triggers in winter such as more clothing layers, hotter and longer showers, elements such as wind and air conditioners moving particles around and changes in diet just to name a few. With snow coming and going in our higher regions and strong…

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Newcastle – A Great City!

lotus dermatology's view of nobbys beach and newcastle harbour

Newcastle has entered into the International Festival and Events Association (IFEA) Awards in 2015 hoping to secure the title of IFEA World Festival and Event City under 500,000 for a third time. This video was put together to back the submission. Having just moved in to town in April fromm Lake Macquarie, Lotus Dermatology’s Doctors and…

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Skin Biopsy – What, When, Why, How, Where?

So your Dermatologist has just advised that you need a Skin Biopsy and that they will do it now in the procedure room. Let us reassure you that this procedure is a common procedure performed in many doctors rooms particularly to diagnose conditions affecting the skin. At Lotus Dermatology we make the procedure as painless as possible…

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Shop Newcastle Whilst You Wait

Shopping in Newcastle mall

Lotus Dermatology have teamed up with Long Range Systems Australia to provide you with a unique experience when visiting. Soon you will be able to check in and check out with your own pager to have a stroll through the Newcastle CBD to shop, dine, check the post office, the markets or simply sit in the fresh air…

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