Total Body Photography (TBP)

This specialised service helps you in proactively managing your melanoma risk by creating a complete photographic record of your skin and moles. This record assists you with monitoring the changes in your skin in order to detect skin cancer earlier, when it is most treatable.

Who would benefit from Total Body Photography?

  • Someone who:
  • has a personal or family history of melanoma
  • has a personal or family history of multiple dysplastic (abnormal) moles
  • has multiple (> 50) moles
  • is developing new moles
  • has a history of multiple non melanotic skin cancers
    is taking immunosuppressant therapy for various conditions
Total Body Photography at Lotus Dermatology
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Total Body Photography layout example.

Service Features:

  • A portfolio of 23 standardised poses provided in digital format on USB drive.
  • High resolution digital SLR camera images which help you and your physician monitor changes in existing moles and detect new moles to aid in the screening for melanoma in the future.

What are the advantages of Total Body Photography?

The appearance of your moles can be compared with your baseline photos at any time in the future during a monthly self-examination or during your regular visits with your physician. This form of screening can reveal subtle changes in moles that may be indicative of melanoma in its earliest and most curable phase. Total body photography may also prevent unnecessary biopsies of moles that have not changed when compared to baseline photos.

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