LED Light Therapy For Acne

Omnilux LED Light Therapy at Lotus Dermatology

At Lotus Dermatology we recognise there are different types of acne affecting our community.

Our dermatologists determine the type of acne present and manage the patient’s diagnosis appropriately.

One treatment available for mild to moderate acne is Omnilux LED Light Therapy. Omnilux is a medical device that utilises LED technology. LED light therapy is a non-invasive, non-ablative treatment and safe for all patients. LED light therapy stimulates cells athermally without damaging the epidermal or dermal tissue. This means there is NO downtime for the patient and NO unwanted side effects e.g erythema (redness), peeling or blistering.

Using an Omnilux LED machine also allows for large areas such as the chest and back to be treated easily.

Blue LED lighting is used to destroy the harmful bacteria responsible for the acne lesions. Once the bacteria is destroyed acne is further assisted to clear with the body’s own leukocytes being activated by the light source. During treatment the skin is monitored by our team of health professionals to ensure your skin is continually improving.

Patients will notice some improvement as early as the 4th treatment.

Optimum results will be seen between 4-8 weeks after treatment. Even after treatment ceases the area will continue to show benefits.

The Omnilux Treatment regime is typically requires 2 treatments per week over 5 weeks. Packages are available.

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