LED Light Therapy For Acne

Omnilux LED Light Therapy at Lotus Dermatology

At Lotus Dermatology we recognise there are different types of acne affecting our community. Our dermatologists determine the type of acne present and manage the patient’s diagnosis appropriately. One treatment available for mild to moderate acne is Omnilux LED Light Therapy. Omnilux is a medical device that utilises LED technology. LED light therapy is a…

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Sunspots – New Daylight PDT Treatment!

Daylight Phoydynamic Therapy - PDT

What is a Sunspot? Sunspots (also known as actinic keratoses) are dry patches that occur on sun exposed areas of your skin, these patches come and go and and can be a little bit tender. The commonest sites are the face, hands and arms although they can occur anywhere. They have the potential to turn…

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