Products for Sensitive Skin

Products for Sensitive Skin

If you are someone who has sensitive skin you may know the importance of choosing the right skin products for your daily routine.

Factors contributing to sensitive skin may include, genetics, preservatives, chemicals, fragrances, sun exposure, dehydration and extreme weather temperatures.

Sensitive skin may be a result of a skin disorder or allergic reaction, eczema, rosacea or dermatitis. Whatever the triggers, when choosing products for sensitive skin, such as moisturisers, body washes, colognes, shaving cream, foundations and make up, it is important to consider what is in your product, as well as protection from environmental conditions. It is also important to keep hydrated and maintain a healthy diet.

Things to be aware of when choosing a product for sensitive skin:

– minimal ingredients in a product is good

– soothing ingredients, such as chamomile, aloe vera and green tea can help reduce irritation

Рavoid acids, fragrances or dyes that tend to irritate the skin

– moisturisers containing sunscreens are preferable

– the basic principle for choosing any skincare product for sensitive skin, is looking at the ingredients to ensure they do not further irritate the problem

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