New Biologics Treatment For Psoriasis

Psoriasis - New Biologics Treatment

Psoriasis is a common and debilitating disease associated often with poor quality of life due to the visible, painful or itchy, and often socially disabling scaly patches on the skin. It can also lead to changes in the scalp, finger and toenails, palms and soles and to severe joint pain.

Lots of excellent research has been going on to help psoriasis sufferers, with a growing understanding of the underlying causes in the body. The newest medications are known together as “biologics” and are given by injections, often with incredible results. These medications were very expensive to develop and to purchase privately, but are given on the PBS for patients with very widespread or visible psoriasis. Other oral and UVB treatments must be tried first to qualify for them.

We are very excited at Lotus Dermatology to be able to offer biologic medications to people with severe psoriasis.