Has Winter Turned Your Skin To Scales?

Scaly Skin

Often during the colder months a lot of skin conditions get worse. There are many triggers in winter such as more clothing layers, hotter and longer showers, elements such as wind and air conditioners moving particles around and changes in diet just to name a few. With snow coming and going in our higher regions and strong westerly winds, its important to know the ins and outs when it comes to winter skin care.

So how can we keep these triggers and symptoms at bay this time of year?

Moisturise, moisturise and more moisturiser after your shower whilst your skin is damp! Use a non-coloured, non perfumed moisturiser that won’t irritate your skin.

Limit your shower time and try not to have them so hot.

Avoid using soap based products by trying a soap free wash.

Sunscreen is also needed every day even on the cloudy rainy days. Most sunscreens contain great moisturisers but always aim for a 50+ Sunscreen as we never apply enough sunscreen and it needs to be applied every 4 hours especially if you are outside or driving with the sun on your face and hands.

Use a humidifier if you are in an airconditioned environment or purchase a small water feature for your office or room where you will spend the majority of your time. This helps to get more moisture into the air which can help prevent your skin from drying out.

Drink plenty of water. often in the cooler months we lose our thirst and forget to stay hydrated.

Recommended products:

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Rationale Skin Care


If these  fixes aren’t enough to resolve your dry, itchy and irritated skin, contact your local GP. You may need some extra advice or a referral to our Dermatologists at lotus Dermatology.

The Lotus Team