Wound Care

Applying a dressing

Wound care today is very different from the time of our grandparents. Using the old bates salve, metho and mercurochrome are a sign of the old days!

Today we use technology to measure the successes of modern wound care techniques.

We now keep wounds moist while they heal and generally we keep them covered. We know now that wounds need moisture for healing to reduce the risk of scarring and infection. We no longer want “scabbing”of a wound and we do not want “picking”of the wounds if we are to achieve the best result with minimal scarring. Keeping the wounds moist with a smear of petroleum jelly or Betadine ointment and covered with a non-stick dressing/hypafix until completely healed will help keep bugs out of the wound by┬áproviding a barrier and also help keep the wound moist to encourage wound healing.

After the wound has completely healed vaseline can be used to gently massage the area to increase blood flow to the area to assist with scar tissue reduction. A surgical tape can be used over the area to assist with flattening of the scar.

If you have any questions please discuss wound care with your GP or call us for an appointment at Lotus Dermatology 02 4929 3400.

The Lotus Team